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Inspiring Inner Light & Wisdom

The world is changing. There is a New World birthing. Amidst the chaos, we are being given the opportunity to break away from old patterns, mindsets, and beliefs that no longer support our best interests so that we may move towards an existence of harmony, unity, and peace. For so long we have relied on listening to the outer world to tell us how to live and who to be. Welcoming in these vibrant energies will initiate a much needed shift in listening to the guidance from within … to hearing the voice of the Soul.

This new way of being will allow for the honoring and acceptance of each of us as our true selves. The key to authenticity is found by letting the heart lead the way. Over many decades, we have forgotten who we truly are and how to do this. I have dedicated my life journey to letting the path of my Soul unfold by following the direction of my own inner compass. This has been my greatest life lesson, the source of my joy, and the guidance I am most passionate about sharing with others.

Take a journey from your head to your heart with a Simply You Soul Session and discover the joy, flow, and freedom that lies within.

What is a Soul Session?

Simply You Soul Session

During a Soul Session, we will address areas of your life where you are struggling, feel stuck, confused, or uncertain and look at them from the lens of the soul. Based on practical guidelines and real-life experiences, I will assist you on how to recognize, and navigate life, from your inner voice. This will enable you to honor and embrace your unique qualities and initiate a remembrance of Who You Are! You will gain a deeper understanding of your life events as well as the ability to consider what opportunities they serve for your personal growth. This broader perspective will enable you to step forward as your authentic self with more clarity, confidence, and hope! Join me in pursuing a soul-inspired life as simply YOU!

“Kristin is a true light worker at heart.  I have known her for several years and the qualities I have come to know about her are her dedication, diligence, courageous honesty, and willingness to do her own growth.  These are all key to be able to support others on their journey of awakening. Her genuine loving heart has already touched many.”

Cheryl Pederson, The H.E.A.R.T. Center

“Kristin has a talent! Her oracle readings are so on point that often I am left speechless. As I process her reading, I find that there are many deep meanings that often I have ignored and now know it’s time to address. I get regular readings so I can feel grounded in my intentions.

Professionally, I have also worked closely with Kristin to manifest Waking to the New Dawn. Her ability to find relevance and balance in the radical changes we are experiencing in our world today is nurturing to our participants. She brings perspective to these changes by helping people see the long-term benefits and endless opportunities for their soul healing and growth.”

Trudy Shea, In Balance Life

“The human soul has one objective, that objective is to learn and evolve.… How we handle our daily challenges in life, be it negative or positive, will be our soul’s experience, our soul’s journey to evolve. Kristin has walked an intense road, traveled a hard journey and evolved in ways only she and her soul can comprehend. She has been touched by a heavenly force that has empowered her with deep wisdom and powerful insight into the soul experiences and the healing process of the mind, body and spirit.  She has learned to listen to her higher power and clearly understand what she feels and knows.”

Dr. C. Barksdale, Centre for Natural Medicine

Questions about Sessions with Kristin

The Most Common Questions

+How do I schedule a session?

Kristin will receive an email confirming your interest in scheduling a session after you complete the link to Book Your Session. She will respond with available dates and times.

Click here to Book Your Session.

+Where does a session take place?
Kristin will send you a link through email to join her on-line for a Zoom session.  Zoom is preferred, but If you do not have access, sessions can be held through an alternative means.
+How long is a session?
A Soul Session typically runs 50-60 minutes.  Shorter Quick Check-Ins can also be scheduled.
+What do I need to do before my session?
No preparation is needed.
+What happens following my session?
Depending on the situation being addressed, Kristin may follow up with recommendations and references that best support your current needs.
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