About Kylie

I am a trauma-informed practitioner of Energy Medicine and an Authenticity Life Coach. I have spent the last twelve years on a journey that was at times recovery, self-discovery, self-actualization and personal growth, while at other times it was despair, blaming, self-hatred and self-sabotage. As a little girl, I vividly remember telling myself that bad things that happened to me made me stronger and more able to connect with others. Deep down, I knew my own hard times made me more compassionate toward others. I held these values strongly… until the moment my mother died suddenly a few weeks into my freshman year of college. This trauma ripped me completely open. Never in my life had I felt so utterly raw, lost, confused and enraged. However, losing this matriarch and rock of my life sent me on a wild ride over the next decade to figure out just who the hell I was without her.

I became certified in Reiki two years later in the midst of trying to heal, pick up the pieces, and reconcile my faith and any potential connection to spirituality and the Divine. By my 25th birthday in 2014, I began to deeply investigate mindset and my own personal power. In 2017, I began working with archetypes, mindfulness, meditation and journaling to delve into many of my childhood traumas long before I ever had a trauma-informed vocabulary. At the beginning of 2019, I received training in trauma-informed care, and for the first time in my life, the pieces of who I am finally started to come together in a way that made sense to me and empowered me to see that I am not my experiences, and I get to choose how to respond to them. This is where our true power rests.

With this new information, I was ready to hold myself accountable for my own behaviors, to investigate my own inner beliefs and value systems, and accept the responsibility to change them where need be. Today, I hold my Reiki II certification, and I am prepared to offer alternative and complementary healing and coaching through a trauma lens that is unique to my practice.

My approach to healing is a blend of energy, intuition, wisdom, empowerment and practicality for our modern, busy lives. The possibilities of what you can become are limited only by your own beliefs, and it is my joy and honor to help coach you away from what is most limiting toward your most authentic self; to coach you into setting fierce boundaries around what means most to you so you spend your time wisely in building the life you dream of and healing from the inside out.

Join with me in the process of non-invasive transformation, on your terms, exactly where you are. So much love to you on your journey!


Reiki is a simple, gentle, hands-on energy technique that is used for stress reduction and relaxation. If you are uncomfortable with a hands-on approach, Reiki can be offered with hands hovered over the body. Reiki is holistic and offers improved performance in all areas of health, i.e. mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Reiki is not a replacement for any of your modern mental health therapies or modern medicines, but it is an excellent complimentary healing.

Healing is not the same as curing. As with meditation, mindfulness, massage, chiropractic and even modern medicine, they are all only as healing as the client accepts responsibility to be still, be mindful, get regular exercise, drink enough water, or take prescribed medications. Reiki is an additional force you can use to create necessary shifts in perception and consciousness to allow healing. No practitioner can predict or control your own individual healing because change can only happen inasmuch as you are ready. You choose which doors to open. I hold the safe space and channel the energy so you don’t have to open them alone.

In this way, I am an Intuitive Counselor. I hold the space for you to learn to mindfully feel your own blocks, become more conscious of your choices, and take greater responsibility for your life. In my ten years of study and personal practice, I have gained a toolbox full of techniques to expand the awareness and integrate change and healing so you can truly live in an embodied way. I help to remove the blocks holding you back from who you truly are.

In my Intuitive Counseling Reiki sessions you will not just be a passive participant. I will meet you where you are. If you only want a place to come ground, center and relax, we will create that environment for you. If, however, you want to dive deeper into your own story and discover your true potential, I am prepared to work with you to uncover your blocks, to provide you with tools and practical action steps to meet you where you are and assist you in your healing journey toward your most authentic self.

In addition to mindfulness coaching, emotional intelligence instruction, EFT Tapping, coping skills and self-care plans, and life and relationship coaching, my Intuitive Reiki sessions have the added benefit of the Amethyst Crystal Biomat. In the most layman’s terms, laying on the Biomat is like a sip of warm tea or a mug of hot cocoa, a hug from mom or an afternoon sunbathing. The Amethyst Crystal Biomat is an extremely grounding tool that employs the use of FAR Infrared Rays that provide warmth and relaxation similarly to the sun’s rays. These rays benefit all parts of the body, even deep down on a cellular level, relaxing muscles, tissues, and joints and relieving physical pain. The Biomat is a registered FDA medical device. While we work on the energetic body during our Reiki session to get your energy flowing optimally, you will also be receiving healing and pain relief on a physical level. It can’t go without saying that when you are not so focused on physical pain, you free up much more mental and emotional energy to tackle other areas of healing and growth.

These are the ways my practice is unique, and the culmination of all these tools lays the foundation for my work as an Intuitive Reiki Practitioner. The four aspects of holistic health are the cornerstones of my practice guiding and coaching mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing on an energetic level.


My mission is to hold space for others to heal by providing knowledge and guidance as I too practice self-awareness and healing.


I envision a life where I love my work of guiding people through their healing and soul retrievals back to their truest selves, where I am surrounded by a supportive community of conscious co-creators living within healthy relationships and healthy self and emotional expression.


Biomat Reiki 60 Minutes: $75

Biomat Reiki 30 Minutes: $38

*Intuitive Reiki Counseling 1 ½ hour session: $125

**Intuitive Counseling 1 hour session: $75

*Intuitive Reiki Counseling will provide an intuitive reading on a current circumstance in your life. I will actively listen and assist you in understanding what energy is keeping you in a pattern you want to change. We will discuss potential tools to change what you desire to change, and Reiki and EFT tapping will be offered to assist you in breaking through your energetic blocks causing resistance to these changes.

**Intuitive Counseling Sessions will provide an intuitive reading on a current circumstance in your life. I will actively listen and assist you in understanding what energy is keeping you in a pattern you want to change. We will discuss potential tools to change what you desire to change, and EFT tapping, individualized coping skills, a self-care plan, and/or mindfulness resources will be provided.

All new Reiki clients, please allow for 1 ½ hours for first time discovery sessions. Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out new client forms. You will remain completely clothed during your Reiki sessions, but comfortable, loose fitting clothing is preferred.

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