The rhythm of synchronicity is a gentle undertone that ebbs and flows throughout our existence. It is a powerful reminder that spirit is always with us to guide, support, and encourage. It speaks messages that you know beyond any doubt were divinely meant for you.  It’s that ‘you know that you know that you know’ feeling which requires no justification or approval from others.  It is a deep knowing that pulses throughout your entire system far surpassing the logic of your mind as it takes root deep in your soul.

Synchronicity reveals itself any many ways.  Perhaps in the words etched across a billboard sign or spoken by the check-out clerk at your local grocery store. It may appear as you witness a bird perch on a fence or take glimpse of the clouds passing by in the sky.  The Universe will use any avenue to answer the questions you are asking and offer the guidance you are seeking.  At times they may be bold, loud and clear, yet others may be less notable and materialize in more obscure and subtle ways. One thing is for certain, the more you hear, the more you hear.  Your intuition, which houses the voice of divine within, is much like a muscle.  The more you use it, the stronger it becomes.  And I have to believe that the more you acknowledge spirit’s gestures to gain your attention, the more spirit will speak.  Our relationship with spirit is a two-way street that is eagerly waiting for our participation.

I have experienced the magical dynamic of synchronicity many times throughout my life.  Aware or unaware, so have you. There is nothing more inspiring than the spark synchronicity ignites to fuel your soul.  Allow me to share a few recent examples from my personal journey…

October 1, 2015 marks the date I began chemotherapy treatments after a breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent mastectomy. Anyone who has undergone chemo can understand how it not only affects you physically, but emotionally, mentally, socially, financially, and spiritually.  My personal chemo experience uprooted everything that was once familiar as I began an intense process of transformation.  It also triggered a period of high anxiety and fear.  It was not ironic that the process perfectly aligned with the dark reflective months of winter.  Although my body adjusted well and each treatment became more physically tolerable, my anxiety rose with each session.  During my last infusion, I found myself  covered from head to toe underneath my chemo blanket while listening to my personal selection of soul-soothing music. As fear and anxiety rose, I tried to meditate and focus on envisioning myself standing in the sun.  For after this last treatment there would be no further chemo to endure and I would be DONE!  For days, I had the lyrics of a classic Beatles tune running through my head ‘…Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter… little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here… Here comes the sun… Here comes the sun… it’s all right…’. Ahhh – what it would feel like to be on the other side of chemo and once again standing in the sun! I clung to the vision as the final infusion dripped into my veins.  Throughout my cancer, I worked along side a variety of practitioners.  One in particular, was my absolute life-line during chemotherapy.  She is a unique doctor with an amazing gift to visualize one’s soul energy.  During a correspondence after my final infusion, she shared how she had a vision of me with the sun coming up behind.  The SUN!  Just what I had also envisioned!  Just as the song had spoken to me!  A moment of blissful synchronicity as the Universe divinely acknowledged that Yes, indeed, the dark days of chemo and the experience it had encompassed were over and the sun was now once again coming up!!

As spring approached, I began to emerge back into existence.  One particular morning I wrote several pages in my journal while recounting much of the experience thus far.  Although it would take months, I was beginning to shed the shackles of fear and anxiety.  After dumping and purging much energy into the pages of that journal, I was filled with a sense of hope and encouragement.  I had been reassured by the revelations that my introspective writing had inspired as I felt a ripple of joy well within my soul. I hurried downstairs to run and errand with my husband.  As I got into the car, the clock on the dashboard read 11:11* AND the radio was playing these familiar lyrics…..”I can see clearly now the rain is gone….look up ahead, nothing but blue skies”!  I was humbly awed by the love and support our almighty Universe was displaying as goosebumps and chills flooded my being. Yet another powerful and confirming message that the pain and trauma of recent experiences was now behind and I was to move forward with my eyes focused on what was ahead.  The rain was gone, the clouds had passed, and there was a promise of a clearing.

I would agree that these examples of synchronicity could be categorized with those that are ‘loud and clear’.  But I have experienced other, more subtle, messages by reading words on the cover of a magazine that were perfect for my contemplative thoughts of the day, or listening to the gentle message brought by a small delicate butterfly that once landed on my pinky. Whether synchronicity comes blaring with a bang, or as quiet as a whisper, the constant beauty of the voice of spirit is buzzing all around. You are asking.  Are you listening?

(*the number 11:11 is a significant spiritual symbol of synchronicity and is a representation that spirit is near)