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Kristin Hendricks will engage with you through routinely offered courses on a variety of supportive topics.  Classes are encouraging, fun, interactive, and full of practical information you can easily apply. SIGN UP FOR THE NEWSLETTER FOR THE MOST UP TO DATE INFORMATION ON ALL OF OUR CLASSES AND EVENTS!  Featured topics include: 

Cancer Connections

Join Kristin Hendricks as she introduces a variety of supportive resources to facilitate one’s journey through a cancer diagnosis.  Through her personal experience of breast cancer, along with her certifications in Natural Health, Kristin has become aware and familiar with many alternative approaches and modalities to aid in the healing process of this multi-faceted disease.  She now has much knowledge and many connections regarding this topic. Sadly, we all have, or will be, connected with someone facing a walk through cancer.  The information shared will be beneficial to all. Whether you, or someone you know, is in the initial stages of diagnosis, in the midst of the fight, or beyond the battle, this is a MUST class for everyone.

Experience Hope, Inspiration, and Encouragement in this uplifting and supportive course.

Surrendering To The Process

Holistic and Alternative Approaches

Becoming Your Best Health-Care Advocate

Supporting Your Physical Body through the Process

Making an Emotional and Soul Connection to Your Illness

 Navigating Your Journey by Making the Choices Right for YOU

Earthing – Get Connected!

Discover the Powerful Healing Benefits utilized by Earthing! What is Earthing? It is simply touching the ground, the earth, with your bare skin to allow the healing energies of the earth to conduct throughout your body. According to Dr. Laura Koniver, ‘Touching the earth immediately impacts and supports the conductivity of the entire body – supporting the healthy function of our heart, our circulatory system, our brain, our bone metabolism, our thyroid, our adrenal function, our skin conductance – our entire body from head to toe.’  For those who battle pain conditions, it is known as one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory modalities and can instantly reduce pain.  That’s just the beginning!  Did you know that you can ground while indoors?! Kristin will lead you into understanding how Earthing works and the multiple health benefits that it provides. She will highlight various grounding products and how to use them to gain the most support for various and specified conditions. 

Overcoming Anxiety – Shifting from Dealing to Healing

Based on personal experience, Kristin will be sharing many resources to encourage and enable others to begin the path of Overcoming Anxiety.  Approaching anxiety requires an understanding of its effects on the body, mind, and soul, as well as nurturing the healing of these three aspects.  This course will offer real solutions and techniques to understand and manage anxiety holistically and naturally. Kristin will take you beyond dealing with anxiety and merely managing its symptoms. If you’re ready to take steps to control anxiety’s presence rather than it controlling you, this workshop is for YOU! 

Phone Home – Dialing into Your Intuition

Come to know the fascinating capacity of your heart to have the ability to think AND feel!  This course will define what intuition is and discuss the many ways to interpret how your inner voice speaks to YOU! We will review tools and techniques to assist you in using this valuable resource during challenging events as well as daily life. You will be led to identify your strongest connection with your inner guidance system so that you will come to understand your personal intuitive nature. Learn how accessing this inherent power will enable you to release limitations and improve your overall quality of life. Kristin will specifically address utilizing your intuition to navigate through health crisis and life changing events.  Unleash the power and experience the peace you have within!

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