Healing to Wholeness

Healing to Wholeness


Simply You’s signature program is designed for those who are seeking an in-depth and transformative experience. This inspiring approach encompasses Kristin’s most significant teachings and is especially important for those working through a health crisis, chronic disease, an ongoing emotional upset, or traumatic change. Healing to Wholeness is also the perfect platform for those who wish to deepen the relationship with their own soul and learn the wisdoms of co-creating life with spirit. Over a course of 8 weeks, you will be guided through an exciting and revealing exploration of …Simply You.  Kristin will lead you through the 3 comprehensive phases of the program as she facilitates in the creation of your unique path to healing. 

Phase 1, ELEVATE, is intended to focus on addressing your current condition of high concern and lift you towards a more positive state. You will be provided with real and practical solutions to initiate the healing process and improve your overall quality of health. These steps will systematically work towards restoring balanced well-being.

The emphasis on Phase 2 is to EXPAND your awareness with a deeper understanding of the body, mind, soul relationship. You will come to know the many intricate energies that co-exist in the formation of who we are—on all levels—and how they influence the experiences we are having. Possible aspects to explore include belief systems, relationships, ancestral ties, past-lives, and the lessons of your soul. This, in turn, allows for additional healing and the ability to connect with the potential root cause of your concern.  

Finally, Kristin will continue to provide assistance as you ACCLIMATE to your new sense of well-being and embrace the art of healing. She will continue to introduce many resources and make valuable recommendations that specifically meet your needs. With newfound confidence and acceptance, you will be able to surrender to the process and unfolding of your distinct life journey.

Along the way, you will be coached on how to access and utilize your own inner-guidance system—your intuition—to navigate through both present and future events.  All participants receive a welcome gift to celebrate their commitment to wellness. This comprehensive program features routine phone sessions as well as email correspondence throughout. Take back your power and step into the illuminating journey of Simply You!  

Contact Kristin to learn more and reserve your place! 

“I began working alongside this lovely lady a few weeks ago after seeking her guidance for well over a year, more like two years. 😉 She was pivotal in coaching me through my fears and my own blocks to help me realize I don’t need to be perfect to coach and guide others. The best healers hold space for their clients and ask expansive questions to help them come to their OWN answers, not give them all the answers you think are best for them. 💖 Kristin did this with such grace and patience with me, despite what felt like a very long road to acceptance on my end. I never felt as though I was frustrating her with my inability to push through blocks and limiting beliefs in a faster timeline. She truly accepted me where I was at on my path and offered words of wisdom. Kristin had the patience to plant seeds and know I would come to my own awakenings about my own abilities. She always held that unconditional regard for me and believed I could become who I was meant to be.”


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