How Does Your Garden Grow?

Our inner most cycles are always in perfect synchronicity with the seasons. We are now in the thrust of Spring – the season for planting. As we prepare our earth to grow and bloom the beautiful array of flowers to feast upon our eyes and plentiful baskets of fruits and vegetables to nourish our bodies, take time to reflect on what seeds you wish to see bloom in your life. Seeds of love and friendship, health and prosperity, peace and simplicity.
If you have visited Simply You’s web-page, received an email from me, or read my brochure, you may have noticed one of my favorite quotes by Dr Wayne Dyer…… ‘ With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself, or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow, or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.” YOU CHOOSE!! You can choose how your garden grows! One of my favorite books is Transforming Fate Into Destiny by Robert Ohotto. Robert describes ‘fate’ as those events in our life that we can not control. He further describes that our ‘destiny’ is created by how we respond to those fated events.  Grow through what you go through, Become better not bitter.  Bloom or Doom.  All sound cliche’, right?  Agreed, yet true. It is truth that we are here for one purpose – to evolve through our soul’s experiences. Life is notoriously full of opportunities that often disguise themselves as hardships. Difficulties such as illness and disease.  Challenges such as financial struggles and relationship woes.  Trying times such as a life ending much too soon.  It is also truth that we will create exactly what we set our minds on.  This is a lesson I tirelessly teach my children.  We all have the capability of creating the life we want by simply planting the seeds of our garden within the thoughts of our mind. That doesn’t mean that we can prevent a life free of obstacles and everything will come up roses.  Heck!, do you realize that a rose adorns itself among a bush of thorns?  So as you begin to look ahead toward the rejuvenating days of summer, take time to reflect on where you’ve been and where you are.  Study the mud beneath your feet.  Prepare and nurture the earth. Pull the weeds. Water the seeds that lie dormant beneath the surface. Focus on what is beginning to take root.  Hold fast to the promises that flourish within your garden.  In time, you will see the fruits of your labor begin to break through the darkness and rise towards the sun, preparing to magically unveil the most captivating blooms before your eyes.

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