My story

Kristin Hendricks

I find it hard to write ‘my story’. Not because I don’t know it, but where exactly does it begin? … and it certainly has no end. I also wish I could share one pivotal and profound ah-ha moment which defined my path. My simple life as a small-town girl has rather been an accumulation of many life events that have brought me to this point of, well, simply me. For life is a continual series of experiences that shape us into who we are … if we let them. Our human existence is full of valuable lessons that are scattered amongst the throes of life. Some are found sprinkled among our day-to-day mundane routines, but it is in the unpredictable and most challenging times that reveal the greatest opportunities of all.  I have found that the most trying times are the ones that create the most beautiful strokes on the canvas of life.

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At some point in my late 20’s, I began asking the greater questions of WHY.  This led me to a path that I still walk today – one of exploring countless beliefs, mindsets, cultures, philosophies, religions and more. It has opened my eyes to the diversity of our existence, but mostly is has enabled me to look inward with greater depth and understanding of who I am and the ability to begin to pick and choose what felt right for me. I now live a soul-centered life in which I utilize the voice of my higher self for making decisions of all kinds … everything from what I eat and what I wear to what I think and what I believe. I have dedicated my life journey to surrendering to the path of the Soul. I had no idea the profound impact this would have in preparing me to guide and lead others at this pivotal point in time. Living from the heart, the home of the soul, is an art I have mastered. This is what is now needed as we step into a new way of being marked by the Age of Aquarius that is now here. My life journey has been my greatest teacher and, although I hold a college degree and various certifications, none of them come close to what I have learned through the Soul School of Life.

Soul guidance speaks softly, quickly, and in the moment. Its intention is always for the highest good. It holds unlimited possibilities and invites us to surrender to what is. I have overcome a number of fated trials including the devastation of delivering a full-term stillborn baby; maneuvering through a difficult relationship that led to the divorce of my children’s father; steering through the complexity of breast cancer; and most recently, working through a complicated situation in my marriage.  And just as for all of you, in between the ‘big’ events, have been all sorts of smaller obstacles and tough times equally balanced by moments of sheer happiness, contentedness, and hope. Life has blessed me with some pretty amazing gifts disguised as tremendous heartache, struggle, and loss. I would not exchange any of what I have gone through for what I have learned and who it has enabled me to become. From the challenges and sufferings, to the celebrations and joys, I have embraced the art of navigating life’s events from my heart, rather than my head, and have come to understand their place in the evolution of my Soul.

Kristin’s Favorite Things:

cup of hot tea
deep conversations
cat on the lap
crossword or jigsaw puzzles
leisurely walks
cheering on family
Kristin & hubby Ken currently reside in their hometown of Gibson City, IL. She is Mom to earthly daughters Alyssa & Ashlyn, and heavenly daughter Lindsay

By far the most valuable wisdom I have gained is that we all have the innate ability to find our way through any life occurrence by following the voice of our Soul. The way is found within. The sacred space of our heart is what illuminates the unfolding and discovery of our highest potential. The path to Simply You! When we follow our intuitive compass, we can be certain that we will be directed to the steps that are necessary for our personal evolution. Does that mean that it will take us down the easiest route of least resistance? Not necessarily and not likely! It does mean, however, that we will be given the direction and support for what is needed at the time.

My greatest passion has always been to become all that I am meant to become and do what I am here to do. Becoming the best version of ourselves requires less doing, and perhaps more being. It requires silence and stillness that is sometimes uncomfortable. It requires perseverance, commitment, and dedication. It requires conquering turbulent waters of unknown territories. It requires traveling a road of both traumas and triumphs. And it requires letting go, surrendering, and allowing. But it is worth it, oh so worth it! My absolute heart’s desire is to now offer guidance and counsel for my clients by inspiring heart-centered soul-level living! My work is dedicated to empowering others to honor their unique gifts and set forth on the discovery of … Simply You!