An Inspirational & Holistic Approach to Restoring Health & Balanced Well-Being

“With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself, or treat what has happened as a gift.  Everything is either an opportunity to grow, or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.”  

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Hi, I’m Kristin Hendricks!

As a Wellness Coach, Spiritual Teacher, and Inspirational Guide, I am dedicated to helping you navigate through life as your most authentic self. My goal is to empower my clients to embark on a journey of healing and restoration so that they may experience a greater sense of balanced well-being. I am committed to recommending practical and real solutions that best support YOU on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual. Along the way, I will coach you in developing your own inner-guidance system so that you will be able to maneuver any life event from a heightened awareness. Approaching life from this sacred space is where the power lies to address and overcome the many challenges we face as part of our human experience. It is here that we are able to shift our perspective, manage our emotions, and stay centered in a place of groundedness.

My practice specializes in supporting others through Health & Illness, Trauma, and Life-Changing Events, as well as those who wish to pursue every-day-living from a soul-inspired space. Through consultations, my intensive signature program Healing to Wholeness, and on-line courses, my clients will systematically work towards heart-centered healing and the realization of their full self-potential. Together, we will explore a variety of resources in areas in which I have had personal experience and training.

Lastly, I am passionate about teaching and encouraging others through powerful and uplifting Speaking Engagements. In addition to revealing the details of my personal journey, I will share universal truths and wisdom that I have gained along the way. These principles outline the cornerstones to recognizing your unique abilities, developing them to the highest potential, and honoring your place in the whole of humanity. Discover the innate process that ignites the path to becoming . . . Simply You!

Hop on over to My Offerings or Contact Me to take the first steps in becoming . . . Simply You!

“Kristin is a true light worker at heart.  I have known her for several years and the qualities I have come to know about her are her dedication, diligence, courageous honesty, and willingness to do her own growth.  These are all key to be able to support others on their journey of awakening. Her genuine loving heart has already touched many.”

  Cheryl Pederson, The H.E.A.R.T. Center

Kristin is very empathic and clairaudient and her sense of what is the right thing to do, or not to do for herself and others is clearly a divine guidance.  I know anyone that comes to see her will have an amazing “soul experience” and great understanding for what is needed for their own healing process.  There is always light at the end of the tunnel for those who hold their heads up to look forward.”

  Dr. C. Barksdale, Centre for Naturale Medicine

“I know Kristin personally and am honored to refer patients over to her care.  Not only does she have a heart for service and a soul for supporting others, but I have watched her personally navigate her own health care journey and use it as a tool for incredible transformation.  Kristin is an amazing healer with a gift for merging holistic, spiritual and conventional wisdom together to support the healing process from every angle.”

  Dr. Laura Koniver, MD

“I have known Kristin for many years.  She has been through many difficult challenges throughout her life, and has shown such strength, faith, courage, and a deep sense of inner-knowing. Kristin has a strong passion to assist others on their personal journeys of healing.  She is intuitive, compassionate, and well informed about homeopathy, supplements, and alternative healing methodologies.”

 ­ Kristi Piper, BS, MS, Energy Practitioner

What a nice little gem Gibson has in Simply You. Excellent selection of essential oils and other natural products at reasonable prices. Kristin hosts some good workshops on a variety of subjects too. Finally, there’s the biomat and Debbie’s magical massage hands. In just ten minutes I felt better. I’ll be back for a longer session very soon.


After months of researching and being on the fence, I just want to take a minute to thank Kristin for talking to me and reassuring me about the possible benefits of using CBD oil…she is incredibly patient and kind and she has a passion for teaching people how to try to live a more healthy lifestyle by using all natural products to tune in to your what body needs to hopefully eliminate or reduce the use of so many man made chemicals just to “feel better”…it has been a game changer for me…Kristin has found her calling!! Thank you!!”


“Kristin took her time discussing my concerns and addressed them in a respectful manner. Today I feel better than I ever have!”


I have suffered from migraines for more years than I can remember. My husband convinced me to give Kristin a shot at helping me out. She recommended a CBD salve and a gel cap….I’m so glad I tried them!! If I feel one coming on I rub the salve on my temples and the back of my neck…and take a gel cap every morning. It has made a huge difference for me. Thanks so much Kristin for doing all the research for us!!!

 ­ Kim

I bought a diffuser and an essential oil for my wife for Christmas and Ill admit it, as a guy, I’m not very knowledgeable about these types of things. Kristin was fantastic and explained what the different oils do and how they work. She knows her stuff and explains it so you can understand it. If you haven’t been in yet you should check it out!!

 ­ Terry


I am truly honored that you have taken the time to drop in! Let me congratulate you on taking the first steps towards paving your unique path to ‘healing’ and the discovery of Simply You! I truly love guiding other through their journeys and on the road to wellness! Here you will find a selection of services with the intent to encourage, inspire, and enable you to become the best version of YOU! These offerings are designed to provide sound support, resources, and practical recommendations. Browse Wellness Consultations for a listing of what’s available and make sure to check out my featured Healing to Wholeness program. You will also find routinely offered Classes & Events which highlight my topics of passion and areas in which I specialize. If you’re in the area, make sure you pay a personal visit to say hello and see what’s ‘In Store’ at Simply You!

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