Bach Flower

Consider exploring the unique and fascinating properties of the original 38 Bach Flower Remedies identified by Dr. Edward Bach. Dr. Bach practiced under the premise that our thoughts rule the health of our body.  He believed that negative ways of thinking (regarded as ‘blocked states’) result in creating dis-ease and potential illness in the body.  It is true that the mind is extremely powerful in orchestrating our well-being. Absolutely everything holds energy, including our thoughts.  This energy can operate in a low, damaging frequency, or a high, beneficial vibration.  Through his work, Dr. Bach discovered that the uplifting frequencies of various plant and flower essences have the ability to shift negative thought patterns to a more positive state. He was able to identify the unique frequencies of 38 plant and flower essences and align them with specific patterns of thought. They are a subtle, but powerful force in harmonizing the mind/body connection. Kristin can offer a clear understanding of what these formulas are, how they work, and how to utilize their healing possibilities. The analysis of a brief quiz will align you with a determined combination of Bach Flower formulas that are best suited for you. Kristin can provide clear instruction on how to use them for optimal results!  Bach remedies are completely safe and carry no negative side effects or harmful interactions.

“There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind, and inner happiness.” Dr. Edward Bach