As a Wellness Advocate, Kristin has become very familiar with the growing trend of hemp sourced CBD, cannabidiol, because that’s what her clients asked for! Taking the time to research and understand for herself exactly what CBD is; why it works in the body; how to dose and use it; differentiating the vast array of cannabidiol supplements on the market; and aligning her practice with high-quality pharmaceutical-grade resources, Kristin now services a large number of clients in this area. CBD comes in a wide variety of forms such as oils, capsules, and gummies, as well as a broad range of potencies. Knowing what to use and how is key to experiencing the full potential of benefits available by taking a CBD supplement.  Kristin is able to guide her clients in selecting the product best suited for their needs so that they are most likely to achieve the desired effects. Allow Kristin to dismiss the myths and clarify the facts regarding this popular, but confusing, subject.

“I was absolutely shocked as to the amount of help “CBD” provided to …. within a few days.  She has been on the product just over a month and I am happy to report she is still showing improvements. Her alertness, appetite, energy level, balance and her walking gait all have improved.”


“After months of researching and being on the fence, I just want to take a minute to thank Kristin for talking to me and reassuring me about the possible benefits of using CBD oil … she is incredibly patient and kind and she has a passion for teaching people how to try to live a more healthy lifestyle by using natural products to tune into what your body needs … it has been a game changer for me … Kristin has found her calling!! Thank you!!”


“I started using the CBD oil about a month ago and had my 6 month Dr.’s checkup and blood-work done.  My A-1C was down 4 points to 6.4 and my total cholesterol was down 9 points and all other results were excellent.  The Dr. said it was the best bloodwork result I’ve ever had in the 15 years I’ve been going to him! My arthritis pain is all gone also! CBD oil WORKS!!”


“(after 30 days to help with hormonal issues) I have to report that I think the oil is working! I felt crummy only 2 days post ovulation verses more than a week!!!”


“Just a brief testimony on CBD oil. Last year 2017, a friend was telling about hemp oil or CBD. After doing some research I would give it a try. I had a bad right knee and been having bad fibromyalgia due to weather.  After a month I noticed that climbing the stairs wasn’t a problem like it had been. My wife asked if I had fibromyalgia lately , I had not had it for at least a month or so, I was feeling so good, I forgot about it. I have say CBD oil is wonderful. I believe it really helps. Thank you, Kristin. Kristin is very knowledgeable on CBD …and has researched the products to inform the customers which all have different ailments and affect people differently.  I trust Kristin’s advice.”


“I have suffered from migraines for more years than I can remember.  …recommended a CBD Salve and a gel cap … I’m so glad I tried them!! If I feel one coming on, I rub the salve on my temples and the back of my neck  … and take a gel cap every morning.  It has made a huge difference for me.  Thanks so much Kristin for doing all the research for us!!!”