Just the other day I was flipping pages of an old book and found something I have been thinking of for quite some time! Seven words. Seven words that Dr. Wayne Dyer had used to describe the qualities of The Universe, God, The One Divine Power. I have been reflecting on these words for the last several months, but there were one or two that I was forgetting. I was grateful to find them! The seven words are …

Love, Beauty, Abundant, Receptive, Kind, Creative, Expansive

This past Sunday, I shared a message for the Unity Church & Spiritual Center regarding our Oneness with the Will of God. If there was only one message that I was allowed to share throughout my lifetime, it would be this – God is an INTERNAL Force … not an External Force. God is pure love and pure light, and resides within each and everyone of us! If this is true (which it is), then we are in constant connection with love, beauty, abundance, receptivity, kindness, creativity, and expansiveness.

Sometimes we imagine the Will of God being a force outside of ourselves. Something that is separate from us. Directing us. Making things happen for us … or NOT happen for us. Many spend their whole lives aspiring to connect and reach the divine and holy entity of God. Looking here. Looking there. Reaching toward. Reaching for. When in fact, YOU are the embodiment of God. You are the One You’ve Been Looking For!

Carl Jung says, “Who looks outside dreams, Who looks inside awakens.”

Our life journey is one of awakening to the knowing that we are One with God. There is no separation other than what is created in our mind. But HOW do we practice Oneness?

According to Rumi, “The Universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself: Everything that you want, You already are.”

YOU are Love. YOU are Beauty. YOU are Abundant. YOU are Receptive. YOU are Kind. YOU are Creative. YOU are Expansive.

We must go within. We must learn to connect with our Soul-Self, our Inner Being, Our Inner Guidance, …. the Voice of God within. Get to know your intuitive self. This is my favorite topic to guide and teach others … BECAUSE IT’S THAT IMPORTANT! It is the key and ultimate force to staying in alignment with the Will of God. You all know it. You have all ‘heard’ it. The pivotal point of change is to TRUST IT! ACT ON IT! Stay in the moment. Do not fall back on past ‘what has beens’ or look to the future ‘what ifs’. Drop from your head down to your heart. Act, respond, choose for what is right and needed in the moment.

From The Course In Miracles, we find these words:

Do not try to look beyond yourself for truth, for truth can only be within you. Ask the Holy Spirit what it is and he will tell you, but do not be afraid of his answer, because it comes from God. It is an exalted answer because of its source, but the source is true and so is its answer. Listen and do not question what you hear, for God does not Deceive.

As Thanksgiving approaches, pause and reflect on the greatest source of gratitude … YOU! Remember that you are in constant connection with universal love. Let your inner light shine through for all the world to see.