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Soul Sessions with Kristin

Have you found that you go through life with a series of asking Why? Why did this happen? Why am I feeling this way? Why am I here? If Why is the question – A Soul Session is the answer!
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The goal of a Soul Session is to spark the remembrance of Who You Are and What You Came Here To Do. We are more than our physical form, we are Soul … the essence of divinity that resides within our heart. The human journey has one specific goal ~ to evolve and grow the Soul through the challenges and opportunities of our life experiences. Over time, we have disconnected with this innate truth and have allowed the noise of the outer world to dictate what we should do, how we should live, what should make us happy, and who we should be. The NEW way of the world that is emerging will be learning to live from the inside out and choosing what is right for us by the leading of our inner guidance. When we understand the Soul, we are able to replace fear, judgement, hopelessness, and blame with acceptance, peace, and gratitude.

Soul Sessions are a fantastic tool to help you become familiar with hearing your inner voice and using it to maneuver through life. They are beneficial for a variety of situations such as health and wellness; emotional upsets; life-changing events; trauma; chronic illness; spiritual guidance; soul-searching and more!  Understanding our circumstances from the perspective of the Soul shifts our awareness to a deeper appreciation of the lessons found within the events of our human journey. The guidance in a Soul Session is practical, down-to-earth, and relatable. Kristin draws on the many colorful experiences of her own trials and tribulations. You will feel a tremendous sense of relief and empowerment as you begin to understand the simplicity of being simply you!

As a Wellness Advocate, Kristin also brings forward knowledge of holistic health. The physical sensations, discomforts, and dis-eases we feel in our bodies are often the way our inner being vies for attention so that we may address areas of imbalance. Supporting all aspects of our self is key because the mind, body, and soul are not separate, but intertwined to create ONE unit. Kristin will take a closer look at potential attachments to what is showing up for you as well as recommendations from a variety of resources to promote the restoration of your well-being.

Take the first steps in living a soul~inspired life with a Simply You Soul Session.

Soul Sessions – $85


QUICK CHECK-IN – if you are looking for some quick guidance to a specific question or a follow-up to your Soul Session. – $45

ORACLE CARD READING – As a Modern Day Oracle, Kristin is a talented and skilled card reader.  She works with several decks and will allow you to choose or will know which one suits you best. Card Readings can be done in person via Zoom or Kristin will draw and read on your behalf and send through email.  Readings include a picture of your card(s) along with their message(s) as well as Kristin’s personal insights and intuitive interpretation.

Multiple Card Spread – $45 / Single Card – $15

Oracle: “to speak” – a person who delivers guidance from a Divine Source and speaks wise counsel and advice. 



Experience first-hand the passion and promise Kristin instills in others. Hear her heart-warming stories of inspiration and hope as she reveals the details of her personal struggles. She will share how her Soul guided the way through challenges of trauma, heart-ache, and illness.  Kristin is also able to develop a customized presentation to meet the specific needs of your group.  You will truly be touched by the powerful combination of uplifting encouragement, practical resolution, and deep wisdom.