“I began working alongside this lovely lady a few weeks ago after seeking her guidance for well over a year, more like two years. 😉 She was pivotal in coaching me through my fears and my own blocks to help me realize I don’t need to be perfect to coach and guide others. The best healers hold space for their clients and ask expansive questions to help them come to their OWN answers, not give them all the answers you think are best for them. 💖 Kristin did this with such grace and patience with me, despite what felt like a very long road to acceptance on my end. I never felt as though I was frustrating her with my inability to push through blocks and limiting beliefs in a faster timeline. She truly accepted me where I was at on my path and offered words of wisdom. Kristin had the patience to plant seeds and know I would come to my own awakenings about my own abilities. She always held that unconditional regard for me and believed I could become who I was meant to be.”


Kristin is so knowledgeable on the products she has! Beautiful place with amazing, natural products!


“Kristin is WONDERFUL! She has so much knowledge about her products and is able to find exactly what is right for you. She puts her customer first and makes sure she understands their wants and needs before recommending certain products. Simply You and their services are a great addition to Gibson City, I highly suggest that anyone in the surrounding area to check them out! They really have something for everyone to help them feel their absolute best! ”


“When I first walked in to Simply You, I was honestly just looking for a better alternative to the ADHD medicine two of my kids had been taking for deal years. What I found proved to be worth so much more than just getting them off of pharmaceuticals. Kristin facilitates a full mind, body, spirit well-being experience at her shop. She has worked with me to help myself and several other family members with various different issues. She is always willing to help the best fit, supplement wise. However, the experience doesn’t end there. Kristin also helps work to find the root cause of the issue, in order to hopefully correct the situation, rather than just covering it up. Not only has she been helpful, she has quickly gotten to know me well enough to know when I simply need someone to listen. With today’s busy life style, shop owners like Kristin are a rare and valuable asset to the community!”


“I encourage you all to contact Kristin! She is a wealth of information whether you are looking for an essential oil, herbal supplements, maybe a muscle balm or just want to learn about being “Simply You”. I have had the pleasure of engaging in several classes she has to offer … she is well researched and informed! She shares her personal story in helping us all to continue our healing journey! Check her out!”


What a nice little gem Gibson has in Simply You. Excellent selection of essential oils and other natural products at reasonable prices. Kristin hosts some good workshops on a variety of subjects too. Finally, there’s the biomat and Debbie’s magical massage hands. In just ten minutes I felt better. I’ll be back for a longer session very soon.


After months of researching and being on the fence, I just want to take a minute to thank Kristin for talking to me and reassuring me about the possible benefits of using CBD oil…she is incredibly patient and kind and she has a passion for teaching people how to try to live a more healthy lifestyle by using all natural products to tune in to your what body needs to hopefully eliminate or reduce the use of so many man made chemicals just to “feel better”…it has been a game changer for me…Kristin has found her calling!! Thank you!!”


“Kristin took her time discussing my concerns and addressed them in a respectful manner. Today I feel better than I ever have!”


I have suffered from migraines for more years than I can remember. My husband convinced me to give Kristin a shot at helping me out. She recommended a CBD salve and a gel cap….I’m so glad I tried them!! If I feel one coming on I rub the salve on my temples and the back of my neck…and take a gel cap every morning. It has made a huge difference for me. Thanks so much Kristin for doing all the research for us!!!

 ­ Kim

I bought a diffuser and an essential oil for my wife for Christmas and Ill admit it, as a guy, I’m not very knowledgeable about these types of things. Kristin was fantastic and explained what the different oils do and how they work. She knows her stuff and explains it so you can understand it. If you haven’t been in yet you should check it out!!

 ­ Terry

Simply You
122 N Sangamon Ave
Gibson City, IL 60936, USA