Let me start by expressing a big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me in developing my work through Simply You!  I have spent much time reflecting on what that has been thus far, along with my own personal journey that lead me here to begin with. This is what I have discovered….

Healing happens every day.  Moment to moment.  Choice to choice. In the smallest of every day decisions such as the foods we eat, the thoughts we think, the work and activities we engage in, the people we interact with, the energy we put out, and the energy we take in. Every choice we make is an opportunity to heal, or not to heal.

A very wise colleague once told me, ‘Healing is a journey, not a destination’.  Sounds cliche, right? I had heard it before. But now I see it.  Now I feel it.  Now I ‘know’ it.  We come into this life with many attachments that create our being.  We bring forth ‘dis-ease’ in the forms of physical traits, unresolved emotional wounds from our family lineage, and an intricate masterpiece of energy that creates our soul.  Given this life, we have an opportunity to heal.  To grow. To evolve.  To transcend and transform that which no longer serves our highest good for something new.

Thankfully, we can always re-choose.  Spirit is love.  Spirit is kind.  Spirit is creative.  Spirit is abundant, generous and reciprocal.  Most of all Spirit is patient and always invites us to choose again.  We have a path through this lifetime that Spirit will always guide us back to.

How do we know the choices to make?  Follow your heart.  Did you know that the heart has many of the same properties as the brain?  But the heart has an electrical field 100 times more powerful than the brain and a magnetic field that is 5000 times greater! The heart can think AND feel!!  When your heart is speaking, you feel it throughout your entire body. Your blood flows, your senses sharpen, you see more clearly. You feel alive and unrestricted, rather than oppressed by the limiting thoughts that dwell stagnate within our brain.  Your heart thinks and feels what is right for You!

So whether the day presents itself as a broken heart, a chronic illness, or a trip to the grocery store, choose well.  Choose simply you.