Not long ago there was a young woman who was happy and healthy in body, mind, and spirit. (Me – at the ‘young’ age of 45).  All was well. (…pretty well). The future was bright. (On the cusp of a new marriage, a new home, thriving children, and a growing business – I was indeed excited for what was to come)! And then it hit. A series of physical symptoms, ailments, illness, and disease that disheveled my seemingly comfortable life.  It first came with a bout of Erythema Nodosum. (I encourage you to look it up). My care-free life came to a screeching halt as I endured pain, discomfort, and fatigue along with other inconvenient symptoms. Time stood still during the several long weeks of recovery. The months to come included unsettling digestive issues, a period of debilitating headaches, an unfamiliar trek of high anxiety, and, breast cancer. How could a seemingly healthy person become so sick?  But what if sickness isn’t a sign of poor health, but rather an indication of healing?  That is what I discovered.

As I have mentioned before, our cellular make-up is comprised of many fascinating layers. Along with our obvious physical attributes, we bring forth energies attached to our family lineage, our soul’s past lives, as well as our own personal experiences that culminate throughout our lifetime. Our ‘brown hair and blue eyes’ come neatly packaged with emotional traumas that have yet to be healed, unhealthy behaviors, and negative thought patterns.  All of these energies are intricately weaved and play a role in forming the dis-functions that manifest in our physical bodies.  We don’t inherit breast cancer, heart disease, depression, or addiction just because ‘it runs in the family’. Why does it run in the family?  What traumas, beliefs, and energies are connected to these dis-eases? Often times, these are the energies that are being asked to be healed through the avenue of illness. With commanding intent, these energies come gushing forth from deep within our being to bring to surface that which truly ails us.  I believe, especially in terms of chronic illness, that this is the most important aspect of healing, yet also the one most overlooked. Your soul uses your physical body to speak to you.  It will give you signals through your body in the form of symptoms, illness, and disease. Healing the physical body is just part of the process. It is the most apparent condition to address. But your soul is vying for your attention and making way for an opportunity to truly heal, on all levels, by addressing the underflow of currents that reside beneath the skin.

A very wise and intuitive practitioner once told me, ‘….by the time something presents itself as a physical symptom, illness, or disease – it’s usually something that you are ready to be done with.’  Something that is ready to be addressed, dealt with, and healed. Sometimes illness comes because you are healthy.  Because you are growing and evolving.  Because you are ready to leave behind and heal all that no longer serves your highest good.  And because your soul is housed in your physical body, you will feel the growing pains – literally!  My legs, symbolizing the root chakra, triggered a realignment of my basic securities through my bout with erythema nodosum.   Regaining power, self-worth, and the ability to take action manifested as digestive issues housed in my solar plexus.  My third eye opened to see beyond the surface as intuition and wisdom expanded through a series of mysterious headaches.  My heart experienced deep trust, compassion, and enlarged my capacity to give, and receive, pure love through breast cancer. And my soul purged past traumas of self, family, and more through fears and anxieties that I had never felt before. This period of my life was nothing less than an intense transformation as I began to heal into wholeness.

Please take note that sometimes there is nothing you can do to prevent an illness or onset of physical difficulties.  I am quite sure there is nothing I could have done to avoid becoming ‘sick’.  Symptoms, illness, and disease did not arise because I was unhealthy.  They did not come because I did something wrong or I did not do something right.  They came because they were fated experiences that I was meant to have in this lifetime and they came for an opportunity to bring healing and growth.  In fact, because I embrace the journey of the soul and continually seek growth, I may have ‘asked’ for it. But it was my choice on how I responded.  Thankfully I had a certain level of awareness and understanding about this process that by the time I received the breast cancer diagnosis, I quickly reacted with a response of, ‘….oh, just one more thing that needs to be cleared’.  I was not afraid of the cancer.  I did not see it as something that came to bring me death or illness.  I was able to embrace it as an experience that came not in fear of death, but in hope of life.  More life than what I had lived thus far. To live more fully by clearing all negative attachments that came into form as breast cancer.

Healing is not an easy journey.  It requires determination, perseverance, and active participation.  It requires supporting the body, mind, and soul by finding the pieces to fit your healing puzzle. Most importantly, it requires surrendering to the process. What process? The process of becoming…..Simply You.

My work is dedicated to assisting and empowering others to create their unique path to healing. Contact me here so that I can support you along side your journey.