Who’s Writing Your Story?

Over the course of time, humanity has settled for a victim mentality that keeps us in a frame of mind of ‘why do these things always happen to me’, ‘I can’t seem to get a break’, ‘nothing ever goes my way’, and ‘things will never change.’  Ouch!!  Be careful what you wish for, it might just come true! The truth is, we each are in complete control of writing our story.  We are in charge of creating the next chapter of our life, and, the ultimate final ending.  Easier said than done? Perhaps. Or maybe it’s not as hard as we ‘think’.  And speaking of ‘thinking’, that’s a great place to start!

It is divine truth that we get what we get what we think about most.  We attract into our lives that which we obsess over, worry about, and set our mind upon.  The Universe operates on energy.  Our thoughts are energy.  The Universe aligns our life to our thoughts.  This is one of the biggest lessons I work diligently on to teach my children.  I am constantly reminding them that our brains have no filters. Our brains do not discriminate or have emotional attachments.  Our brains do not recognize when we are joking of something or speaking truth.  Our brain is merely a data base stored with files and files of thoughts.  When I make a silly mistake and say,  “Ugh, I’m so stupid!’, the brain goes to work filing away that piece of information as stored data.

Shifting our thoughts is the first necessary component of writing the story of our life that we most desire.  Life doesn’t randomly just happen.  The Universe merely draws into our life the energies and intentions we put out. If I am constantly saying to myself and out loud that ‘I never have any money’ – then guess what? – I never have any money.  But if I shift my thoughts and speaking to ‘I always have plenty of money for all that I need’, then, you got it! – I always have enough.  The hardest part is beginning to speak and think truths that we may desire, but do not yet believe.  Go ahead! Think and speak anyway!  The more you do this, the more you begin to believe. As the affirmations begin to take root in your heart, you begin to feel it!  The heart has similar capacities of the brain, but much more powerful, for the heart can think AND feel!  This is how we create.  By setting an intention and believing it to the point of feeling it.

Keep in mind that this creation is soul inspired.  It does not work when we are operating from our ego.  This is about getting in touch with the passions and desires that light a fire in your soul.  Getting in touch with your authentic self.  Allowing and enabling you to live the truest expression of yourself, realizing your highest potential, and creating the life that best supports who you really are.  Take note that it may not always manifest in the way you may hope.  The Universe has a way of going beyond our limited thinking.  Often times, life presents itself in a very different way than we envisioned.  Stay open. Trust in the process.  Know that Spirit has your back.  Trust that you are brought to moments in your life that are for the highest good. Remember to stay present in the here and now.  It is the thoughts and actions of today that determine the future. This understanding will transcend the purest form of peace and joy into your life.

It is impossible to write the next new chapter of your life when you are constantly re-reading the old ones. Living in the past keeps us in the past.  I recently read a study in which it has been discovered that talk therapy, when dealing with past hurts and traumas, is actually incredibly damaging (emotionally, mentally, and physically), because it causes the person to remain in the trauma.  I am not suggesting we should not seek help to overcome such events, but rather face them, understand them, learn from them, and heal.  A practitioner once shared with me that if you watch a deer run from being chased by a bear in the forest, the deer will stop, shake, and calmly begin to peacefully drinking from a stream, no longer afraid of the bear.  It does not continue about the day, or life, in constant fear of the bear.  We, as humans, hold on to much of our past hurts.  We stay in the pain and allow it to dictate our current state of being.  We wallow and become hostage to the trauma. Even though we are in misery, this then becomes our comfort zone because it is now what is familiar. Breaking out of these patterns is essential for moving towards the next chapter of your life.

Writing your story does not mean that bad things won’t happen.  Life is full of fated events that are completely out of our control. That does not mean that we need to hold hostage to them.  We have everything we need within ourselves to navigate through the many challenges and trials of life.  We often hear that ‘there’s a reason for everything’.  More so, I believe that you can find reason in everything. The Reason is in YOUR Response!!  You create the reason! It is not given to you or mandated from some other force.  If you open yourself up to experiencing and learning, Spirit will direct your path, encourage and uplift you, and hence you will find reason.

Your story is being written on a daily basis.  It is not set in stone and it is never too late to edit, delete, and begin a new chapter.  Heck, burn the old one entirely and write a whole new book! You’re the author, editor-in-chief, and publisher! How will your story go?  It’s simply up to you.

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*note – if you have experienced trauma, please get help and reach out to someone who can help you heal and move beyond.

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