The New Year is the perfect time for New Beginnings, Fresh Starts, and Deep Reflections. Sometimes, however, this magical time of year can quickly turn to dread as we begin to feel the pressure of deciding which ‘New You’ to strive to become in the New Year.  Somehow implying that we are not enough in our current state of being. I certainly support, and even encourage, continually working towards self improvement and one’s utmost potential, but I would like to suggest shifting your perspective from outwardly finding ‘The New You in the New Year’ to inwardly awakening the ‘old’ you. Perhaps the New Year’s Resolution has already been resolved. You are already YOU. The authentic, wonderful, unique, True You!  We put so much emphasis on trying to become.  What exactly are we becoming? In the mad dash to keep up with everything everyone else wants us to be, we have distanced ourselves from our self.  However, as simple as it sounds, allowing ourselves to be ourselves, is not.  It is much easier to fall in place with expectations placed outside of our self.  It is much easier to mold into our family, our jobs, our organizations, and our society. Conformity. It does not take much deep thought, or risk,  to do what everyone else is doing.  But is does, eventually, take it’s toll. Liberating our authenticity takes courage. Looking within to acknowledge, accept, and love our true self is uncomfortable.  It is challenging. It is vulnerable.  It is more difficult to know our self than to know who everyone else expects us to be.  More so, it is more difficult for us to honor and find value in the simplicity of being who we were truly born to be.

One year ago, this month, a former high-school classmate of mine passed.  Just shy of his 50th birthday.  As teenagers, he was not among the popular crowd.  He wasn’t into sports.  He wasn’t academically in the top of our class.  He wasn’t always noticed in the hall.  When he died, I was not able to personally pay my respects. Would I have gone otherwise?  Honestly, I’m not sure.  I did, however, read a string of Facebook posts from some of his family and friends who did attend.  I was deeply saddened to read what one relative stated…..”(he) would have been so surprised at the number of people who came to his visitation! (He) always thought he was a nobody.”  What?!  My eyes swelled with tears.  No one is a nobody!  Everyone is somebody!  It broke my heart to think he may have passed through this life thinking he was nobody.  Thinking he had no worth.  Thinking he had no value.  What is the definition of ‘value’ and ‘worth’ that we have allowed society to place on ourselves? You are enough. You are always enough.  As you live and breathe each moment you are offering the world what no one else can. YOU!

Commit to 2017 to rediscover your passions.  What makes your heart sing?  What makes your heart cry? Allow for stillness to hear the whispers of your soul. Peel back the layers you have cloaked around your heart and allow your inner light to begin to shine for all the world to see. Embrace the journey. Be bold and aspire to live as the authentically, wonderfully, uniquely, and simply YOU!